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what is a disciple?

Someone who is intentionally following Jesus, becoming more like Jesus, and is practicing the way of Jesus together with others on a mission. At Elm City, our mission is to "Practice the Way of Jesus Together," maintaining a vision of planting two churches and creating 25 life groups in the next 10 years. We believe that this happens when we are #ForKeene, when we value multiplication, and when everybody plays.

what is a 'discipleship pathway'?

Daniel Im writes, "it is the intentional route, steps, and paths in our church to develop missionary disciples for kingdom impact." The Discipleship Pathway is the strategy that gets us to our vision.

how are people formed/changed into Christlikeness?

1. New information (Scripture, teaching, self discovery)

2. Practice + Practices (spiritual habits developed over a period of time)

3. Community (intentional relationships - those you invest in and invest in you)

4. This all happens through the power of the Holy Spirit - over time and usually in and through the hardships and difficulty of life.

what does a disciple look like?

  • Experiencing God

  • Spiritual responsiveness

  • Sacrificial service

  • Generous living

  • Disciple making

  • Personal transformation

  • Authentic relationships

  • Community transformation

our discipleship pathway

Everyone goes through:

  • Welcome Party

  • Growth track: Four weeks/sessions that includes information on:

    • Who we are, our story, and our mission​

    • Our community, and how to join a group

    • How to serve

    • Learning about discipleship, rhythms, and the discipleship pathway


  • Alpha

  • Reason for God

  • Christianity Explored

  • Theology on Tap


  • Foundations class

  • Prayer retreats

  • Explore Rhythms series


  • Learn about spiritual gifts

  • Serving in church

  • Local service projects

next steps

Regular practices of being a disciple:

  • Reading the Bible

  • Attending worship regularly

  • Life groups

  • Community

  • Serving

  • Elm City REACH Rhythms 

    • Rest​

    • Eat + Engage

    • Acts of Love

    • Confession

    • Home

  • Generosity 

ongoing steps
first steps
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