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Elm City Church is a young, growing church located in the heart of downtown Keene, NH. Each Sunday around 300-350 people gather for corporate worship and during the week twenty different small groups also gather. We are a diverse church body that includes a large and growing number of young families. 


We believe God is calling us to be a church planting church and our vision is to see two churches planted and twenty five Life Groups formed in our first ten years. Our three core values are 1). ForKeene 2). Multiplication and 3) Everybody Plays. These values shape the direction of our time, energy, and resources.  


Ultimately we want to be a community that Practices the Way of Jesus Together.

Our Community:

Elm City Church draws from most of Cheshire County and beyond. Cheshire County’s population is roughly 75,000 people. New Hampshire is in the top three in the country when it comes to least churched states per capita. We are not discouraged by this. In fact, it represents an exciting challenge as there are thousands of people who need to hear and experience the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keene is home to several colleges including Keene State College and also has the second youngest median age population in the state. There is incredible opportunity here and as a church we are all in on doing whatever it takes to connect as many people to Jesus as possible.

  1. Submit a cover letter & resume to

  2. Upon receipt, qualified applicants will be sent written interview questions to be completed.

  3. Qualified applicants will be requested for an in person interview.

  4. Background check and legal proof of eligibility.

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